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Welcome to UNO Student Health Services

We are committed to providing quality health care and professional service to those who are in need.

As a university student health clinic, we are also committed to educating and counseling the student body in areas of prevention and healthy living for the time they spend at UNO and beyond when they graduate from this institution.

Is your son or daughter attending the University of New Orleans? Do you have a high school junior or senior considering the University of New Orleans? If so, then the information below is for you!

What is Student Health Services?

The professionals in the UNO Student Health Services office provide primary care for a variety of services as well as more specialized long-term care and health maintenance when necessary. Some of these treatments and services include:

  • treatment of injuries and illnesses such as sprains, scrapes and infections.
  • immunizations
  • health education counseling in areas such as smoking cessation, health living, sexually transmitted diseases, safe partying and other behavior based health issues. Additionally, UNO SHS works hand-in-hand with UNO Student Counseling to make appropriate referrals when necessary.
  • confidential testing and treatment for STD's

Services for students are covered by a health fee equal to 2% of tuition. This fee is part of their tuition collected every semester they are enrolled at the University of New Orleans. There are modest charges for lab fees.

We do not have an emergency room on campus. We do have a staff of expert professionals committed to your son or daughter's care while they are a student at UNO. We also have a network of additional care professionals in and around the New Orleans area in order to make referrals if necessary for more serious or long term conditions.

Student Health Insurance

The UNO Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan (SASIP) is optional coverage available to all currently enrolled UNO students. Although the UNO Student Health Services is available to all students regardless of their insurance status, SHS can only provide primary care to those that are completely uninsured.

In the case of a medical emergency or specialized care, those that are uninsured may have to pay for expenses out-of-pocket.

In order to provide access to specialist care and emergency room services, Student Health Services arranges for an optional low-cost sickness and accident insurance policy. A copy of the plan and an enrollment form is mailed to every student before the beginning of the Fall semester.

If you elect NOT to enroll, then disregard the mailing. If you do elect to enroll, please read the information below to learn more and receive beneficial information regarding the plan as needed.

Communicating About your Student's Health

The University of New Orleans Student Health Services maintains detailed medical records of all students we treat in our facility. These records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) a federal act which mandates confidentiality of medical and academic records of your son or daughter. In keeping with FERPA and other state laws, as a general policy, we do not disclose medical information with family members or others without the students consent.

In an emergency situation, the SHS staff will use their professional judgment to determine whether or not a family member (in most cases a parent) should be informed of a medical situation.

Many times parents may ask if their student can sign a release waiver to provide medical records as needed. Unfortunately, we must decline that request as FERPA does not allow for such a waiver.

Health Actions to Consider when sending your Student to College

Health Supplies to Bring

  • Common first-aid supplies such as Band-Aids, other bandage material, a thermometer
  • Prescription insurance cards as well as a list of prescriptions they are taking. It also a good idea to have a list of any medications your student is allergic to.
  • A current supply of any prescriptions your student is taking.
  • Common over-the-counter medications such as aspirin, decongestant, upset stomach relief, etc.
  • Photocopies of relevant medical records if they have an ongoing condition that requires treatment.

It is also a good idea that your student have any critical medical information in a safe place that could be easily assessed either in their dorm room or backpack if they are a commuter student in the event of an emergency.

Do they need a physical exam before coming to UNO?

No. We do not require a physical exam before coming to UNO. However, all new and transferring students must comply with the immunization policy in order to be admitted. Information on immunizations can be found on the Immunization Information page.


Please note, the UNO SHS adjusts its hours during the regular academic semesters and summer semesters/breaks. Make sure you check this website for the most current listing of hours and services available

Physician and Nursing Services
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Student Health Services Administration
8 am - 4:30 pm

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